Panel discussion at science museum with specialists and doctors, technology and health care was the title. It was good experience to be there as EDA member.

2023-07-21 08:15:30
EDA main office found in bole bridge back to skylight hotel.

2023-07-19 08:42:31

2023-04-29 22:10:04

2023-04-27 03:17:46
ውድ የኢትዮጵያ ስኳር ህመም ማህበር አባላት ከዚ በፊት ሲደረግ እንደነበረው ወር በገባ የመጀመርያው ቅዳሜ 7፡00 ላይ ስለ ስኳር ትምህርት እና የልምድ ልውውጥ ስለሚኖር እንድትገኙ እንጋብዛለን፡፡ ያሁኑ የበአል ቀን ስለሚሆን ወደ ዳግማ ትንሳኤ ዋዜማ ተዘዋውሯል፡፡

2023-03-22 07:35:37

2023-03-22 07:21:05

2022-11-23 22:43:37
Announcing of CPD Accreditation Ethiopian Diabetes Association has been Accredited as a CPD Provider Ethiopian Diabetes Association has been accredited as Continues Professional Development (CPD) provider by Ethiopian medical Association (EMA) November 4/ 2021, Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Ethiopian Diabetes Association is one of the 16 institutions accredited as CPD provider by Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA). Ethiopian Diabetes Association a nonprofit national organization, with a missi

2021-12-16 13:02:54
Novo Nordisk, Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic Ministry of Health and key organizations partner to defeat diabetes in Ethiopia iCARETM initiative launch & Changing Diabetes® in Children project expansion Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 8th October 2021 On the 8th of October 2021 in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic Ministry of Health(EFDR MoH) and the Ethiopia Diabetes Association(EDA) in partnership with Novo Nordisk launched the iCARETM initiative; the implementation of a gl

2021-12-16 13:01:19
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